Small Wounds workshop

The past two Mondays i’ve taught a workshop learning students to make small wounds using plastering, a silicone flat mould and gelatine for the prosthetic. It was an interesting experience teaching, I had never done it before. It turned out great and the students had a lot of fun playing arounds with the materials.

If there’s more students interested I’ll probably plan another workshop.

Upcoming: Halloween

This Halloween I’m going to do a job for a festival called Haunted Castle. It is a festival with different haunted houses, showings of horror movies and a lot more scary fun. I’m going to be transforming the actors into nightmarish creatures that will haunt the guests.

There are different themed houses, one of which is the Dollhouse, another is the Asylum. I’ll send an update and pictures after the festival is over.

Come to the festival and check out my work!

Assisting on Project: Space Beers

I was contacted by KelatowFX about a project they are doing. It’s a short dutch Science Fiction movie called Space Beers. A movie bij Maurice Shutte.

It was the first day of filming and they were going to do two alien make-ups before shooting the teaser. There was limited time and a lot of work, so they asked me to assist them with applying the make-ups. It turned out really great and I’m excited to see how the movie is gonna turn out!

Here’s a link to the time lapse we made.

And don’t forget to check out the teaser!

Copenhagen Comic Con 2016

Me and two friends decided to go to the Copenhagen Comic Con 2016. It was the first edition in Denmark which was really exciting. We spend quite some time deciding what costumes we should wear. Of course I don’t want to arrive at a Comic Con without something great to wear. By the time we decided to go as Totally Spies, there were only 3 days left until the Con started. Not a lot of time to sew, but we managed to finish them just in time. Complete catsuits with accessories like the Laser Lipstick, the Compactor and of course the Wind Tunnel 3000.

When we arrived it turned out that Totally Spies was a good choice. Our costumes were really popular and we spent a lot of time posing for pictures. Here are some impressions

IMATS London 2016

I went to IMATS this year. It was truly a great experience. Spent most of the day looking at all the different make-up demos that were going. Trying to learn as much as I could in the time I was there. There was almost too much to mention it all, but I’ll post some pictures to give an impression. I also spent a lot of time talking, met some amazing new people in the field and talked to a lot of really inspiring artists.

I came back home with a lot of inspiration and motivation to do and learn more! So that is what I’m going to do.