The Mads

Yesterday I took to the road and drove to Dusseldorf to the Mads. A Special Effects Trade Show like the Imats just a bit smaller. Most of the day was spent watching demo’s and talking to the artists there. Learned about some new techniques.

Diamond Belly and Space Beers

So the movie Space Beers is officially being made! which is really exciting. A while ago I posted about the trailer and me assisting on set. This time the guys at HeadhunterFX are creating a bar full of aliens with in the centre the Diamond Belly. A fat alien with a glamorous attitude. This many Prosthetics is a huge project and I am hired to work on it with them.

Yesterday we had the actress for Diamond Belly come in to the Studio and did a full body life cast.


EVA Project

This time I’ll be creating a EVA Foam armour for a short movie by MachineEleven. It was very short notice but i accepted the challenge. It’ll be the garment for a futuristic robot with prosthetics made by Sanne Visscher. I’ll post more as soon as the movie is presentable. The idea for the movie is a showcase of Visual and Special Effects in the Netherlands.

The Learning Curve

Had a cup of coffee at the Folks over at KelatowFX. I’ve worked with them a couple of times now. Always a pleasure! Going to start a sort of Internship with them so i can work on my SFX skills. I feel like learning in an encouraging environment can never be underestimated. Really curious to see whats it’s gonna bring me.

Halloween Again

This year i found a really great last minute Halloween job. Doing SFX and wounds for the Make Over Factory. They we’re hosting a Pre-Party for folks who needed a make over before going out to the great parties in Amsterdam. Had a blast doing zombies and bloody flesh wounds. Ended the night applying a great prosthetic by Sanne Visscher for a couple who wanted to be turned in to Zombie Pride & Prejudice.

De Eierlanders

For A short mockumentary called de Eierlanders I had the opportunity to assist on set with Sanne Visscher en Lawrance Kelatow. A great experience and a really fun job to do. The concept is a hidden community living in the neighborhood IJburg in Amsterdam. We spent a day applying egg shaped prosthetics on the heads of the cast.

Studio Time

I’ve been looking for a creative space for some time now. Finally I founds the place! With two good friends of mine who also own a great business. We’re located in Amersfoort just on the edge of the city centre. A place for all my sewing and sculpting projects.

Looking forward to starting some new projects.

Small Wounds workshop

The past two Mondays i’ve taught a workshop learning students to make small wounds using plastering, a silicone flat mould and gelatine for the prosthetic. It was an interesting experience teaching, I had never done it before. It turned out great and the students had a lot of fun playing arounds with the materials.

If there’s more students interested I’ll probably plan another workshop.

Upcoming: Halloween

This Halloween I’m going to do a job for a festival called Haunted Castle. It is a festival with different haunted houses, showings of horror movies and a lot more scary fun. I’m going to be transforming the actors into nightmarish creatures that will haunt the guests.

There are different themed houses, one of which is the Dollhouse, another is the Asylum. I’ll send an update and pictures after the festival is over.

Come to the festival and check out my work!

Assisting on Project: Space Beers

I was contacted by KelatowFX about a project they are doing. It’s a short dutch Science Fiction movie called Space Beers. A movie by Maurice Shutte.

It was the first day of filming and they were going to do two alien make-ups before shooting the teaser. There was limited time and a lot of work, so they asked me to assist them with applying the make-ups. It turned out really great and I’m excited to see how the movie is gonna turn out!