About me


I’ve created this website to showcase my work. When I was young I was always painting and drawing and the passion I have for arts has only grown stronger as I grew older. I’m still always drawing and painting, trying new techniques.

When I was twelve I got other interests such as sewing and character creation, which is why I started making costumes. I went to the yearly Fantasy events and I would spend the months before plotting and making my costume. My interest in sewing techniques grew and I started making more historical clothing and corsets. I found that the techniques used were a challenge for me and I’ve learned a lot from trying to make everything as accurate as possible. Until this point I was self-taught and I’ve become really creative in finding ways to learn more and enrich my skills.

In 2012 I decided I wanted to learn something different and broaden my skills. I gained an interest in Special Effects Make Up so I applied to the Neil Gorton Prosthetics Studio in the UK. There I took a seven week course in Special Effect Make Up & Prosthetics which taught me a lot of new things, such as sculpting, mould making, painting and applying the prosthetics. The techniques used were new to me and  gave me a new perspective on the work I already made.

Since I’ve been back I have kept busy with my projects and sculpting, creating new art and costumes.